Thursday, October 04, 2007

Normal Posting Will Resume Shortly...

...because I got my Ravelry invite!!!!! lol.
I finished a cardigan (albeit a baby one)and I forgot to post it here...i'm almost done with Mam's Tank Top and I didn't even do a progress pic. I even forgot to post up a pic of n at the yarnyard's beautiful organic merino and I have started a scarf in that.

All in all this post is just full crap really to make it look like i'm contributing something when really i'm not.

Ravelry is starting to bite into my hours....and i've not even started to post anything on there yet. My new ID pic is this.
Image Hosted by

It's also in my side bar so you can click on it and go to ravelry from here....although no-one is going to actually visit here to go to there but you can if you want lol.

I have added a free pattern by me to my sidebar though...of course knitting Goldfish may not be your thing...but i've seen some obscure knitted items in my life.

If anyone has got a few good ideas on how to organise time better without having to pack in work or anything let me know ;)