Friday, September 25, 2009

chimneys and fo's...

The Chimney...almost extinct...i'm want to save mine!!!

I'm really liking these...this is by Crobbles off rav...I will link her pattern(promise)

And finally a real down cardy (made up as I went along but unspired by the schemetics of the razorboobolero pattern)
Needles 3.5mm/4mm and a discontinued colourway of sirdar click dk (liberty)

Hopefully more soon xxx

Monday, September 07, 2009

poor neglected blog...

...i'm sorry for not attending to your needs and giving you the attention you so deserve. I have no excuses and have shelved you merely to make time for other things. I've been over on Facebook...

I do have some knitting on the go and I cannot be everywhere at once...still the kids are back to school tomorrow, so maybe i'll have more time to devote to you - I hope you understand that I still love you bloggy, even if I don't demonstrate it.

There - I feel slightly less guilty now ;)