Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I have been knitting...just not posting much.

Firstly, this is the Zephyr Style Tree Jacket. I love this pattern so much. This was my first attempt at a top down, in the round sweater and it has to be my favourite choice. I made the small size and used 5mm circs, the yarn was wendy aran with wool in Lagoon blue and I probably used around 650/700g (it was hard to tell as I had 2 400g balls but I have quite a lot left over)

This is yet another forest canopy shawl but again I adore this pattern and I will never get bored with it. This was the first for me that I have made using lace weight yarn though and the effect is just as gorgeous as 4ply, DK or aran...there aren't many patterns that adapt so well...to like, everything!
The yarn was a merino lace the was sent to me by a very lovely person but we don't actually know that much about it, which is a shame cos it is so nice. (sorry folks)

the next thing I have finished is this...

...CALORIMETRY!. These things are spreading like wildfire on the crafty threads n yarns forum. Personally I blame Franney ;) but they are cool so I ought to thank her really. :D

(i'll add clicky links to appropriate people and places tomorrow...it's just too late now and it's been sooooo long....i've forgotten how ;))