Wednesday, January 09, 2008

First post of 2008!

Okay, so i'm not exactly on the ball when it comes to blogging. (I bet that came as a shock didn't it? ;))

But HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! to everyone...I hope 2008 is a good un for you all.

I do have a couple of FO's and a WIP...I'll start with last years lol.

This was my practise hat...I made up a basic hat shaped pattern and used the snowflake chart from the lovely Anni's snowflake socks.
Fairisle will be a big part of 2008 I think.

Now back to this year...My first FO...what can I say, apart from 'Ds asked for it' :D

It's knitty's Nautie the Knitted Nautiloid (try saying that fast lol)
I think it's weird, DS thinks it's fab! (i'm not where the little knitted bug was made but he wanted in on the action too I think)

Next up are these,

The little sky socks from cat bordhi's new book 'New Pathways For Sock Knitters'
I love this book, it took some getting used to her descriptions of things but the diagrams are perfect and for the first time ever I get short rows.
I had a bit of a moment with the 'daughter, mother, grandmother stitches'(if you've read the book you may know what i'm on about)...I obviously got confuddled cos when I got to the bottom of my shaping, i'd found my long lost sister :)but now I like making these, so it's on to sock 2 (tomorrow)

And the WIP...well it's something i've already made before but if a patterns a good one, i'll go round the block with it!

Yes! It's another Tree Jacket...this time i'm sirdar aran with wool in a purple called heather. It's knitting up nicely but a tad thicker than the wendy aran so i've gone up a size to medium and it fits a treat. Not bad to say I was hoping this was going to be my first FO of 2008...ah well nevermind.

I'll try and post again before february :p