Tuesday, December 18, 2007

just a few things...

Christmas is almost upon us and my knitting has slowed down immensely. I have finshed a couple of things, all that is unfinished will be done as and when (I can be ar*ed lol)

Here's what I managed to finish

These are Anni's snowflake pattern from Sockamania...I love these :D
I used 2.5mm circs and Sirdars town and Country sock yarn in Lichen and a Brown mix.

And this chunky knit cardy for my neice...it does now have lovely pink buttons that match perfectly but I gave it to her as soon I had sewn them on and forgot to get another pic..ooops.

And because I really like using 2 colours at the moment, I decided to make a hat. It's not a particular pattern, I just used the motif from the socks and let DD choose the colours.

Here's my progress...

Right...I think this place needs a bit of tinsel and some trimmings...so i'm off to decorate.

Merry Christmas Everybody!!!!!!