Monday, August 25, 2008

Dam Nature.

This place is just beautiful isn't it? It's the Damflask resevoir on the edge of the peak district. It's a 6 mile round walk and the views are spectacular, you get meadows, woodland, and perfect scenery from every angle. The little village it's situated next to is called Bradfield and it's the perfect olde worlde village with cricket on the green, old fashioned ice cream and ale outside the pub. All the spectators were sitting on wooden chairs eating little sandwiches (pity my battery died by then and we didn't take the camera). We shall definately be going again, and maybe to the pub ;)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Over the Rainbow.

Well, it's looking like thunder over here...and it's as dark as teatime! So how about a little colour injection?

It's another Forest Canopy Shawl and it's pretty bright! My intention is to make this huge to snuggle in (cos camping has been mentioned ;))
I've also been told I look like i'm flying the flag for Gay Pride but it's fab so there! ner ner :P

Well it cheered me up...the view out of the window aint all that...August? it never is, is it?

Wicked Wicked is now wicked!!

Yes after my last post I did indeed amble off and cast on for Wicked from Zephyr Style (i'll bung a link in later). However, after 4 times I thought it was not meant to be...then I realised that 8 does not go into 124 and i'd actually done it righ the first time.

It went into the depths that are 'down the side of the Sofa', but I thought about it all night and how much I liked the jumper and it's lovely little kangaroo pocket and how I could hide stuff in it's usefulness. So I decided I could have it's shape and make it it is!!

 ok sorry for the disappointment of the photo...but i've done an honeycomb type of stitch instead of the cables...when I get the increases out of the way, i'll get a better shot. The Aran is quite nice (yes it is  acrylic) but at £2.50 for 550g who cares, it's soft!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

200g of DK does make a jumper...

...if you use larger needles!
This little experiment was finished last week and as usual I posted pics of the finished article everywhere but here, (which means those who read here will have already seen it Doh!)

Anyhow here's Cobbled (together) Cable.
I used 200g of Grampian (remember that folks lol) DK with wool in a lovely 3colour twisted effect. I actually blagged it by using a generic top down method and 5.5mm needles. The stitch gauge is loose but not too loose so you can see your undies type of loose iyswim. It feels very light and is warm enough for British summer weather ;)

I'm actually quite liking the new set up of uploading pics...which for some reason won't work in Opera but will in AOL. So you can expect some playing around with fonts etc...I'm just going to bob off and cast on Wicked in some bargain aran I found yesterday.

Friday, August 01, 2008

little black waistcoat.




This is a take on a top down cardy on rav but i'm having trouble with the link and will add as soon as...
I used sirdar silky look on addi turbo 5.5mm (guage 14sts to 10cm)