Sunday, December 07, 2008

A Flurry Of FO's.

In a mad dash to get Christmas bits and pieces finished, I feel like i'm almost done - PHEW!!! Here's the last (probably *wink*) installment from the 'C' List Reduction Unit (Me)

I actually crocheted this scarf. I really liked the colour :D DD1 suggested it looks like pickled red cabbage lol...I just thought Magenta!!

A quick pair of Ribby socks (Opalrainforest in 'Hummel' colourway, on 2.5mm needles) These were supposed to be for Christmas but he's snaffled them already.

These are for DD2 (DD1 got the 'sodding pink snowflakes - remember? ;))
Envious Hearts Illusion scarf and groovy green mitts!

And this was a stashbuster. I copied of the forest canopy cowl pattern and just kinda winged it. The yarn is a bit of leftover sock yarn, combined with some colinette parisienne. It's made it so warm (I might keep it lol) I think I used 5mm needles for the diamond bit and then 5.5mm for the edge. I ran out of yarn before I could make the edging pattern any longer - ah well nevermind.

So there you have it...wonder if i'll get more done by next week...

Monday, December 01, 2008

Countdown starts now

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Day 1...24 to go...O.M.G!!!