Monday, July 28, 2008

Tour de Failure :(

Well it's finis (the tour that is ;)) I alas have not finished the Terttu shawl but then the challenge was to stick with it and not cast on for anything else, which I have done. Progress was always going to slow down as the rows got longer but I never expected it to slow down as much lol.
I've just started the 13th repeat but the weather is way too hot and sticky (i'm practically felting the poor thing in my hands - urrgh!).

Anyway seeing as the kids are off school, my time is even more post sometime in August I suppose ;)

Monday, July 14, 2008

I've never FELT this way before!

I know...2 posts in the same day lol.
I've finally felted my Booga Bag...Hurrah!

I think it definitely will need to go back for another go but I am soooooo pleased it didn't lose it's colour or shrink that much!


I even knitted up the very last bit of the Kureyon and made a flower and a leaf. I've put the handles through and sewn the flower on already, cos I thought it would be easier to do it now and then bung it all back washer later. I'm going to see how it dries first though ;)

Taking the Biscuit...

Tada!! This has got to be my best link to the TdeF KAL.
Le Hobnob Beret...;)

And modelled...

I've also finished my upside down monkeys.

And finally...progress of Terttu. It's behaving now it's had a stern ticking off ;)

11 pattern repeats completed, lord knows how many to go!

* all pics are clickable.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

another tenuous link to the TdeF KAL...

...I've just had to 'frog' (well only 6 rows) but i've had to do it stitch by stitch and that has taken me longer than it did to knit them Grrrr!!!

Ah well, 'tis only a little fall. En arrière sur ma bicyclette!
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Wednesday, July 09, 2008

TdeF KAL Part Deux

Well, it has grown a little...but there's still a lot of that mountain to climb!
(I know i'm here but i'll get on with it - promise! ;))

I also finished crocheting this bag last night...

cos I do need to concentrate on my lace and this was something to do whilst watching telly. I sort made it up from various patterns but the bottom bit was supposed to be the Acorn project bag but I was way out and couldn't a good fit with my lid. So...I just copied a market bag top and Voila! (also crocheted a phone pocket, cos a girl needs to accesorize ( soz crappy spelling).

Right, back to it!!!!!! chop chop!

Monday, July 07, 2008

Trying to fit my project into the TdeF.

Well after a lot of searching of the name 'Terttu' is Finnish. So, I hear you ask ;) "How does this fit into a french theme?"
Well we were told that we could be quite obscure so here goes lol. I have found this blog Paris Breakfasts who has a friend called Terttu!!! I mean honestly i've tried so hard to get a link and there were the 2...Bonne Chance!

Ok it's a bit weak I know...but I really do want to *'finnish' my shawl tada!!!!

*oh the shame*

Sunday, July 06, 2008

TdeF Knitalong Progress.

This is my progress so far for the Tour de France Knitalong
I chose the polks dot option and I'm in Team Liquigas.
The pattern is the Terttu Shawl and it can be seen Here - Rav link

I'm using 3.75mm circular and a handpainted laceweight from Uruguay. It's for a friend who has been told not to peek lol (wonder if she will though - bets anyone? ;)

Team Liquigas Button

Image Hosted by

I've posted this on Ravelry. Although we may be now late for the competion :(

I haven't got a decent pic of my progress as it is raining so hard and we have thunder and lightening (Pah! July indeed). I'll try later if it brightens up.

The button will also reside in my sidebar, so if you're in Team Liquigas please feel to take it :D

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Purple Monkeys!

Well i'm getting my July postings in...
I finally got my pics of my finished monkey socks.

Cookie A's Monkey Socks
YarnAddict's merino in purple suprise
2.5mm Addi circs

Only modification was a short row heel.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Go Team Liquigas and the TdeF knitalong!

Oh yes i'm in and raring to go. Piccy's to follow as it really doesn't start till tomorrow.
(but seeing as I totally failed to blog in June, i'm in need of an immediate excuse for July ;))

On yeah i've finished a sock...

It's a toe up monkey sock but I only had 50g of an unknown, lable lost ball, so it's ended up a trainer sock.
I used a 2.5mm 30cm circ and a 40cm for the heel.
I so wish I had smaller feet (and bigger boobs lol)