Sunday, October 19, 2008

S'urchin Everywhere!

I told you there would be more lol
I used 7mm needles for this one and a cheap thick and thin yarn I got for a bargainous 49p a ball. (It's the Needles brand, 100% acrylic but looks and knits like Colinette Point 5)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Might Be Finished In February Lady Sweater

Well ok, so I haven't actually done that much. Infact i've just ignored it this past week but I will have to finish it because...

...i've already picked out the buttons!!!

Though I can't actually decide which I like best. The big ones do fit the buttonholes though - incase you were wondering ;) I really like the bronze colour against the green and the bottom ones are really really lightweight plastic but do look metal.

Still diamonds are a girl best friend...they may just win out.

The 'C' List Reduction Unit... now in operation!

This is Fleuri or rather is almost Fleuri because i'm unsure of handles at the mo. I've used Robin print DK (used double stranded) and a 6mm hook.
This is said handle...still dunno.

Again not exactly finished but one down and number 2 started, so i'm getting there ;)
Dad will have socks - hurrah!

Does this look familiar??? It's another Urchin in the very last of the Colinette Prism but I used a 5.5mm needle to make it smaller.

This is my fave...the shocking pink just hits you lol. This is destined for DD1, who thinks psycadelic (and no I CAN'T spell it) pink is cool!

And a little bag with some glitter. I've just made this up as i've gone along, using up odds and ends of DK. A quick knit but another off the list!

Right i'll go find the pics for mams February Lady Sweater progress...and that can have a post of it's own ;)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Win yourself a Quilt!

Well ok it's not mine (although if lady luck shines on me, it might be ;)) but just look at this BLOG. How gorgeous is that quilt???
I do have to mention Sigma75 though, cos I read about this on her blog - thankyou very much indeed :D.

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

treats for feets ;)

These are my lovely socks that I received from Janice. They are a perfect fit and this photo doesn't do any justice to the colours or pattern.
Also included in my parcel were the following items...the shortbread is long gone!! Thankyou so very much Janice for my fantastic parcel.
Like a numpty, I forgot to take photo's of the sock parcel I sent to Hilary but if you pop over HERE you can have a look at them on her blog.

These are a FO at long last (I lost the first sock way back in June - thought it might be in Wales lol but finally found it lurking in a sad looking bag tucked away in the depths) The yarn is Fabel #901.

I just had to include Sis's completed socks...these took way too long to finish but I just got on with it, found my lost sock mojo in the process - so I have to thank her for her pestering ;)

And now there's these...
DAD SOCKS!!!!!! bigger than any sock I have ever knitted before. Thankfully he used the magic words 'thick' and 'house' which means dk, 3.75mm needle and a pretty quickly knitted man sock.

I did have a photo of Mam's february lady sweater which I started last week but I can't find it, so i'll do that tommorrow along with a few hats for the 'C list reduction' operation.