Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Socks...love? hate? up? or down?

Socks? Why do we do it?
This pair have just come off the needles.

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Apart from the fact I found the Regia cotton a bit too slippery on my metal dpns, so I had to use bamboo (I don't really like these but they had to do), there's nothing wrong with them...except for the fact that I have a fair bit leftover and wish I had made them longer (grrr).
Of course...I know the answer is "toe-up". I have the simple socks plain and fancy by Priscilla Gibson-Roberts. I've read it over and over BUT I CAN'T DO IT!!
By this I mean I can't BRING myself to do it...I just automatically cast on a cuff.
(and get left with little balls of annoying waste)

Now for something else....the other addiction that is Lace.
After mastering a few stitch patterns that worked over around 10 rows, I decided to try something a little harder (well harder for me) and cast on for a simple scarf...
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Little did I realise, that not only have I done it upside down (I thought you grafted 2 bits together but appararently you do a provincial cast on) 28 row patterns don't stick in your head like the others do.
This is where learning to read a chart would help...:D I could be some time.

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Christina said...

ooo, I do like the scarf. And the socks are pretty cool too. btw, I used the new DB pure cotton for the hat which is aran weight. I think I have enough left over for another hat if you're interested - you'd have to use more of the khaki though, as that's what I have most of. let me know if you want it, cos I don't think I can face a third hat!! ;)